Series Rules


NEDJFS competitions start with one or more rounds of “poules” followed by “direct elimination”. Poules are a round-robin format typically comprising five to seven fencers where each fencer competes against every other member of the poule in a bout to 5 hits. There are also time limits – so if a bout reaches the time limit the fencer who has scored the greater number of hits at that points will be declared the winner. If the scores are tied when the time limit is reached one fencer is awarded priority by spinning a pen, flipping a coin or similar. One minute of “sudden death” is then fencer, with the first fencer to score a single hit wins. If a single hit is not scored within the minute, the fencer who was awarded priority is declared the winner.

Fencers are then ranked based on the percentage of fights they have won, with ties separated by indicator (hits scored less hits conceded) then by hits scored; rankings can be shared if fencers still cannot be separated.

If entry numbers permit a second round of poules then the fencers will be distributed based on their rankings to create poules which are of equal strength. The direct elimination tableau is compiled such they the top-ranked fencers will in theory meet in the final. For example, in the round of 16 the number 1 ranked fencer will fence number 16, number 2 versus number 15 etc.


Points will be awarded for each event:

  • First – 25 points
  • Second – 24 points
  • Third – 23 points
  • 24th place – 1 point

All competitors will receive at least 1 point. For each individual their series total will be calculated by totalling the points from all three competitions. In the event of a tie for first place the top two fencers will fence off.

Age Groups

All age groups are determined by a fencer’s age on 1 January of any given year. For example, if a fencer has not reached their 10th birthday on 1 January they will fence as an under 10 for the entire season. A fencer will never change age groups mid-season. Our competitions feature under 10, under 13, under 16, with separate categories for boys and girls. Depending on entry numbers, age groups and/or genders may be combined for the preliminary stages of each competition and then separated out for elimination bouts.

Format of Competition

This format is the one that organisers will generally follow. It is not fixed or rigid and there may be variations to suit the approach of individual competitions based on the number of fencers.
1. All fencing to be electric
2. Fencers to have one or two rounds of pools, the results of which will be used to seed for the subsequent direct elimination.

Scoring and Timing as below:

Pools                                    Age                        Hits         Time Limit

                                             Under 10               5             2 mins

                                             Under 13               5             3 mins

                                             Under 16               5             3 mins


Direct Elimination                 Age                       Hits         Time Limit             Rest After

                                             Under 10               10           6 mins                   2 mins

                                             Under 13              10           6 mins                   2 mins

                                             Under 16              15           9 mins                   3 mins


Blade Size                             Age                              Epee       

                                             Under 10                          0             

                                             Under 13                         2             

                                             Under 16                         5             



Results will be updated after each competition; if you think your result is incorrect please let us know through the contact page.

Medals will be awarded at each competition to the first three places in each age group. Trophies will be awarded to the series champions.